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set OCUN VF Torq 2 + WeBee + Pail
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set OCUN VF Torq 2 + WeBee + Pail

Catalogue number:8591804638367
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Harness Size
Count: set
Special Via Ferrata set from Ocun includes: climbing harness WeBee, helmet Ocun Pail and shock absorber Ocun Via Ferrata Torq.

Lightweight 3-buckle all-round harness Ocun WeBee 3. Its benefits are low weight, excellent breathability and comfort. At the first glance, the harness surprises with its design. Waist sandwiches are made of perforated 3D foam – a revolutionary material with ventilation holes in honeycomb shape. Right thanks to this hexagonal structure, we can afford a large number of these vents all over the sandwich, which makes it much more permeable than sandwiches of commonly used foams, coated by textile material. Anatomically tailored shapes, along with the softness and flexibility of the weBee foam, ensures optimum distribution of forces acting on the users body and therefore comfort. Another advantage of the weBee 3D foam is durability, abrasion resistance and washability. The harness has fully adjustable legs, detachable at the back.

* Innovative solution of weBee 3D foam – applied on waist an legs
* Adjustable leg loops, removable at the back
* Slide-Lock buckles of stainless steel, 3×20 mm
* 4 gear loops
* Weight: 370 g
* Made in EU
* EN 12277 type C

S = waist: 68-79 cm, legs: 48-57 cm
M = waist: 74-85 cm, legs: 53-62 cm
L = waist: 80-93 cm, legs: 58-67 cm
XL = waist: 87-100 cm, legs: 63-70 cm

Shock absorber Ocun VF Torq for via ferratas. Maximum impact force at dynamic testing (EN 958) is below 6 kN during whole breaking action. System of fall energy absorption using tear webbing.

* Shock absorber covered by polyester cover
* Central loop for resting or for fixed belay point
* Elastic lanyards with 50 to 90 cm prolongation
* New harmonica construction of elastic lanyards with guaranteed strength min. 15 kN (proven resistance to cyclic load impact; tested according to the up-to-date standards, i.e. after 50 000 cycles)
* Key-lock carabiners with palm-squeeze mechanism (“K“ type according to CE EN 12275)

Weight: 525 g
EN 958, CE

Helmet Ocun Pail for sport climbing.

* Anatomical shape
* High durability
* Sizes: one size
* Colour: white
* Weight: 365 g
* EN 12492, CE

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