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SINGING ROCK Double Stop Plus

Producer:Singing Rock
Catalogue number:8595033344594
Market price in shops: 96.90 inc. of VAT
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Descender Singing Rock Double Stop Plus with double locking and self-braking anti-panic system in case of accidental loss of descent control. The descender doesn’t have movable flanges; this makes it a robust and mistake-resilient device (quick insertion and release, no need to unclip it for rope insertion). New cam tested for higher loads – enhanced braking in both stop positions.

* unique way of rope insertion; diminished possibility of incorrect insertion of the rope; even incorrect insertions will not result in a fall as the rope is blocked
* sensitive and longer handle enables smooth descent without harmful rope twisting, gentle and progressive braking (enhanced press stop braking mode)
* rubberized handle provides pleasant feeling, non slip and thermal insulation
* ergonomically improved curved edges and longer flanges provide the user with a comfortable grip with the handle
* integrated wear indicator
* high strength plain bearing added to the pivoting cam
* all parts in contact with the rope are made of stainless steel (it ensures minimum possible wear)
* reduced force required on the handle

* breaking loads in excess of 22 kN
* increased maximum rated load to 200 kg
* reduced slippage of the rope to 600 daN
* for use with static ropes with diameter 9–12 mm

Load limits:
* diameter of rope 9 mm - maximum rated load 130 kg
* diameter of rope 10–12 mm - maximum rated load 200 kg

Weight: 421 g (14.9 oz)

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